We have the ability to provide short molding runs to produce a small number of parts.


Insert Molding


We have experience processing a wide variety of materials from commodity resins like HDPE and PP to engineered resins such as: PC, ABS, Nylon, Acetal, PPO to name just a few.

We have experience insert molding Lead Frames, Handles, PEM inserts as well as specialty inserts.

We are able perform secondary operations such as Drilling, Decorating, Welding, Bagging, and Assembly.

Secondary Operations


We have machines ranging from 50 ton to 250 ton allowing us to process very small parts to parts weighing up to 16oz.


We have the ability to process large production runs to meet your needs.

Mold Building

We provide tooling in many different shapes and sizes ranging from complete multi-cavity production tools to single cavity MUD inserts to our proprietary insert line.  All designed to save you money and get you production in a timely manner.